Thought Forum

Reimagining the research enterprise ecosystem: navigating institutional research goals (E/SI)

April 29, 2024 15:00 - 17:00 Glen Rm 208-209View map

Join four college and institute leaders from across the country as they explore the nuances of working at different institution types, while also sharing information about how college and polytechnic applied research functions in practice. Topics to be explored include what is the “value proposition” of applied research; how do we advocate and communicate applied research impacts; how do we contrast to Universities’ research enterprise ecosystem; how partnerships are essential to applied research; the need a unified messaging from all institutions.

Stream: Innovating through Applied Research

Colleges and institutes occupy a critical space in Canada’s innovation ecosystem through their diverse and growing applied research capacity. College and institute applied research has been and will continue to be a key driver in strengthening the economic resiliency and competitiveness of Canada’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)and fostering innovation in communities through social innovation research. Applied research plays an important role in developing Canada’s talent pipeline as it provides space for learners to collaborate with SMEs to research, analyze and develop solutions to real-world challenges.


Marc Nantel
Vice President, Research, Innovation and Strategic Enterprises | Niagara College
Sivagowry Lewis
Acting Dean, Applied Research and Innovation | Northwestern Polytechnic
Jeffrey Taylor
Associate Vice President of Applied Research, Innovation, and International | Nova Scotia Community College
Jamie McInnes
Director, Applied Research and Innovation Services | SAIT

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