A Greener Conference

As a part of CICan’s commitment to climate action, we are taking steps to green our annual conference by reducing waste and lowering emissions.

Below are some of CICan’s current and planned initiatives to reduce the conference’s environmental impact, as well as suggested steps you can take to be a more responsible attendee.

What CICan is doing:

  • Our conference venue, the TELUS Convention Centre, is Green Key Certified and committed to utilizing sustainable operating practices.
  • Reducing consumption and waste by eliminating printed agendas and programs and providing alternatives to swag bags, such as donations to student bursaries.
  • No single-use plastic water bottles.
  • Offsetting the emissions of all CICan staff travel to Calgary through the purchase of verified carbon credits.

What you can do:

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle.
  • Dispose of your waste and compost in the proper bins.
  • Opt-out of daily hotel room cleaning.


CICan is committed to significantly reducing the climate and other environmental impacts of its annual conference, the majority of which are travel related. To support us in this effort, we encourage you to consider these sustainable travel options.

Travel to/from Calgary:

  • If flying, reduce your emissions by choosing direct flights when possible (multiple shorter flights and layovers are much more polluting) and minimize your luggage (the heavier the plane, the more fuel it burns).
  • Purchase carbon credits from a reputable source to offset the emissions produced by your flights. If your institution does not provide for this, consider the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project, which comes recommended by our conference co-host Bow Valley College.
  • If you’re travelling from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC, consider lower-emission travel modes including inter-city bus and carpooling.
  • Frequent bus rapid transit service is available between Calgary International Airport and downtown.

Travel within Calgary:

Code of Conduct & Duty of Care

As we begin holding events in person, the health and safety of all attendees remains our priority. Learn more about the extra steps in place to protect everyone attending our events in-person.