Navigating a Strong Government Relations Presence in the College and Institute Sector (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Macleod Hall CView map

With increased government policy decisions being made with significant impacts on the postsecondary sector, the need for a robust government relations presence has become apparent and increasingly more important. This panel discussion will showcase the need for and impact of government relations in the college sector, while offering various perspectives and approaches from those in different geographical areas. Including an established government relations team in a large Toronto based college (Humber College), a new and developing approach from a medium-sized suburban college in Ontario (Niagara College), an eastern province perspective to government relations from the only college in Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Community College), rounded out by offering a perspective of the importance of collective advocacy from an association’s perspective (Colleges Ontario). The panel will be moderated by a seasoned government relations professional from George Brown College.

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance

Geared towards governance professionals, including board members and CEOs, this stream will focus on how institutional leaders are embracing transformational leadership and governance to effect change within their institutions and contribute to the socio-economic well-being of their communities.


Mabel Watt
Director, Government Relations | Niagara College
Kelly Jackson
Vice-President, External Affairs and Professional Learning | Humber College
Jeffrey Taylor
Associate Vice President of Applied Research, Innovation, and International | Nova Scotia Community College
Marketa Evans
President & CEO | Colleges Ontario
Laura Jamer
Director, Government Relations | George Brown College

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