Leading Change: The Evolution of a Curious Culture (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 11:30 - 12:30 Macleod Hall CView map

Genuine cultural change cannot be achieved in isolation. It takes a community of like-minded individuals who are prepared to honestly self-reflect, challenge assumptions and commit to stepping into new and uncharted areas of personal learning.

For over a decade, the college committed to a new approach to learning, teaching and professional learning that puts the individual and their personal development front and centre. Through considered and brave leadership, the college established the beginnings of a framework that has allowed us to evolve our culture to meet the needs of our learners, staff, wider college community and the demands of a fast paced ever changing technological world.

Three generations of educationalists have brought us to the point at where we are today and each evolutionary stage of our journey has ensured that our cultural change has been meaningful, purposeful, sustainable and with our community as its heart.

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance

Geared towards governance professionals, including board members and CEOs, this stream will focus on how institutional leaders are embracing transformational leadership and governance to effect change within their institutions and contribute to the socio-economic well-being of their communities.


Andrew Cornish
Principal | Coleg Sir Gar and Coleg Ceredigion
Bryony Evett-Hackford
Director of Teaching, Learning and Education | Coleg Sir Gar and Coleg Ceredigion

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