Cultivating Partnerships and Professional Development in Global Cooperation Projects (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 11:30 - 12:30 Macleod Hall BView map

Participants will explore innovation in cultivating global collaborations by growing talent while pursuing SDG goals; capacity building through the intentional practice of sustaining partnerships in global projects; and providing meaningful professional development opportunities for international and Canadian team members. Institutions engaging in international cooperation projects are making a focused attempt to have positive impact on the lives of the students they serve while at the same time building capacity of their team members, institutions, and communities. Through the immersive experience of global cooperation projects, partner institutions provide transformative professional development opportunities to their teams. This session will examine a framework for implementing global experiences that fosters professional development; explore the challenges and opportunities that emerge; and share lessons on how to sustain partnerships past the project lifecycles. By exploring a case study of the Niagara College – Excelsior Community College partnership, participants examine how a global project has led to the development of a strong strategic partnership that includes student mobility, innovations in applied research, and virtual collaborations. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation throughout the session. Viewing international cooperation projects from a professional development lens is an exciting opportunity to provide meaningful growth for education professionals while at the same time supporting institutional commitments to SDG goals. The session will illustrate how SDG goals have been furthered through the intersection of professional development with reciprocal learning, and how use of the framework, and tools developed, has led to transformative action, supporting meaningful and sustainable global partnerships.

Stream: Cultivating Global Collaborations

Geared towards international education experts and practitioners, this stream will explore how international partnerships, fostering student mobility, pioneering innovations in international assistance, and fostering applied research collaborations are shaping a workforce that is not just ready for the future but is designed to thrive in it.


Taryn Wilkinson
Manager, Sustainability | Niagara College
Holly Catalfamo
Senior Director, Global Engagement | Niagara College
Zaria Malcolm-Walker
Vice Principal of Academic Affairs & Institutional Advancement | Excelsior Community College, Jamaica
Dawit Eshetu
Professor | Niagara College

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