Bridging Borders: Navigating International Projects and Transformational Change (E/SI)

April 30, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Macleod Hall BView map

In a rapidly globalizing higher education world, the intersection of international collaboration and transformative change poses both challenges and opportunities for academic institutions supporting and receiving technical assistance. This presentation will explore Marketing and Localization, and Transformational Change in Tanzania through the lens of an international development Education for Employment mission under the ESP-04 TVET reform project.

The first component explores the rich experiences of a Humber administrator who participated in their first international development project. Specifically, her role as the marketing SME in the ESP-04 project in Tanzania. We unravel the complexities of aligning global marketing strategies with local nuances, shedding light on the dynamic relationship between international standardized approaches to marketing and adapting to the local context. Through real examples, we showcase the art of supporting partners with a sound marketing strategy based on international standards considering the local context.

The second component showcases our commitment to supporting partners in Tanzania through transformational change. We illuminate the incorporation of organizational development practices, with a particular focus on change management. By drawing on our experiences, we illustrate the crucial role of change management in sustaining transformational shifts. What sets this endeavor apart is our conscious effort to contextualize change practices to the unique cultural fabric of Tanzania. This session is not just a reflection on our experiences; it is a call to action, an invitation to contribute to and learn from a shared narrative of navigating the complexities of international projects and transformational change.

Stream: Cultivating Global Collaborations

Geared towards international education experts and practitioners, this stream will explore how international partnerships, fostering student mobility, pioneering innovations in international assistance, and fostering applied research collaborations are shaping a workforce that is not just ready for the future but is designed to thrive in it.


Jorge Montoya
Manager, Business and Operations, International Development Institute | Humber College
Vedika Taunk
Associate Director, Digital Experience Platform | Humber College

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