Student Housing: Challenges & Solutions (E/SI)

April 30, 2024 15:45 - 16:45 Macleod Hall DView map

George Brown College is facilitating a panel discussion aimed at providing ideas and solutions to one the most pressing issues facing institutions across the country: student housing.

As a post-secondary education institution rooted in downtown Toronto, George Brown College (GBC) is uniquely positioned to help address the city’s unprecedented housing crisis. The lack of housing, particularly affordable housing, affects people across the Greater Toronto Area, including many members of the GBC community. We recognize that without action, this issue will make it increasingly difficult to attract and retain students and employees and support their well-being and academic and professional success. In 2023, GBC stuck an internal Housing Task Force aimed at research, advocacy, and action:

During this panel, GBC will briefly present findings and facilitate a discussion with representatives from institutions from across the country. Our facilitator, Michelle McCollum, VP of Facilities & Sustainability, will pose some of the following questions (amongst others) to panel members:

  • What are the key challenges facing your institution regarding housing for students?
  • What solutions have you identified and how did you identify them?
  • What role do you see for various levels of government in supporting students?
  • How are you working with developers or other groups?

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance

Geared towards governance professionals, including board members and CEOs, this stream will focus on how institutional leaders are embracing transformational leadership and governance to effect change within their institutions and contribute to the socio-economic well-being of their communities.


Michelle McCollum
VP of Facilities & Sustainability | George Brown College
Megan Fenton
Director of Student Success | Georgian College
Laura Vail
Senior Director, Student Success | BCIT
Lori Foran
Director, Student Awards and Experience | Nova Scotia Community College

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