Thought Forum

How Colleges and institutes are adapting their internationalization strategies to a changing landscape (E/SI)

April 29, 2024 15:00 - 17:00 Glen Rm 203-204View map

Engage with members of CICan’s International Advisory Committee (IAC) in a thoughtful conversation on how institutions and regions across Canada are adapting to recent policy changes impacting Canada’s international education sector and what they are doing to ensure that students are properly supported before, during and after their studies with a view to successful labour market participation. Reflect on the changing nature of priorities when it comes to internationalization and how colleges across Canada are adapting their recruitment tactics and international partnership models while also exploring new ways to diversify their international activities and revenue.

Stream: Cultivating Global Collaborations

Geared towards international education experts and practitioners, this stream will explore how international partnerships, fostering student mobility, pioneering innovations in international assistance, and fostering applied research collaborations are shaping a workforce that is not just ready for the future but is designed to thrive in it.


Katie Orr
Director - NSCC International | Nova Scotia Community College
Thea Laidman
Associate Vice-President International | Mohawk College
Angela Wojcichowsky
Director, International Partnerships and Projects | Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Derek Lemieux
Director, Strategic Partnerships | Bow Valley College
Nancy Thornton
Director, International Markets | NorQuest College

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