Nurturing Talent: Collaborative Approaches to Empower Workforce Competencies (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Glen Rm 203-204View map

Partnering with academic and industry collaborators, Bow Valley College underscores the development of essential competencies crucial for talent growth in the future workforce. The session will highlight innovative strategies for creating competency-based reskilling and upskilling Micro-credentials, with a strong focus on promoting quality education, fostering economic growth, and meeting industry demands.The framework incorporates five key elements. Collaborative Connections engage partners to embed industry-demanded competencies into programs, directly catering to quality education, economic growth, and industry needs.Industry Integration involves employers in course design and assessment, ensuring alignment with industry requirements to nurture talent development suitable for real-world demands and economic growth.Authentic Assessment, employing hands-on projects, evaluates competency mastery, nurturing quality education and industry-ready skills.Experiential Learning prioritizes immersive experiences connecting learners with industry, bridging education with practical industry applications, fostering economic growth and industry relevance.Skills Development equips participants with new skills for lifelong learning, nurturing industry relevance, and supporting a workforce prepared for economic growth and advancement.Aligned with the conference theme of Growing Talent, this initiative significantly contributes to talent development in the workforce. Participants will gain firsthand understanding of program rigor, its industry alignment, and gain broadly applicable tools for their institutions. The session actively supports the pursuit of quality education, economic growth, and industry readiness, fostering a more resilient, skilled, and industry-prepared society.

Stream: Advancing Teaching, Learning and Student Success

This stream will focus on how colleges and institutes orient themselves to ensure the success of their students, create inclusive campus spaces, promote both physical and mental health, and use new technologies to strengthen support services. Sessions will explore how innovative teaching and assessment methods can take learning beyond the typical classroom setting, including virtual and blended learning, traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, and work-integrated learning in the world of AI.


Suhayl Patel
Associate Dean | Bow Valley College
Michael Crowe
Vice President, Academic | Bow Valley College

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