Micro Credentials to Address Employment Needs in Climate Smart Agro Food Processing (E/SI)

April 30, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Glen Rm 203-204View map

As part of Skills to Access the Green Economy (SAGE-05), Niagara College and Moneague College endeavoured to create labour-responsive micro credentials to address a need in the climate-smart agro food processing sector in Jamaica. There was a stated need by Moneague and industry for short, targeted courses to support the labour market and allow individuals to move from un/under-employment to employment as well as upskill and gain a credential in their field. This undertaking saw collaboration between the two colleges as well as industry partners and stakeholders in Jamaica to create Council of Community Colleges Jamaica (CCCJ) certificate courses. Using a blend of online learning and face to face training with the competency based education and training (CBET) curriculum, these micro credentials have reached a population of diverse individuals who desire a credential for various reasons including promotion at work, entering a new sector, interest in agro food processing, and a desire and/or need to upskill. The online learning set up and implementation allowed for several lessons learned and opportunities for creativity in engaging and reaching learners who have never attended school or training online or with digital tools. This panel session will outline the process involved in creating the micro credential short courses from the Associate Degree, lessons learned in setting up the online learning platform, details on the collaborative relationship to create the courses, and case studies from participants and instructors in the program.

Stream: Advancing Teaching, Learning and Student Success

This stream will focus on how colleges and institutes orient themselves to ensure the success of their students, create inclusive campus spaces, promote both physical and mental health, and use new technologies to strengthen support services. Sessions will explore how innovative teaching and assessment methods can take learning beyond the typical classroom setting, including virtual and blended learning, traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, and work-integrated learning in the world of AI.


Oleksandra Gora
Global Education Project Manager | Niagara College
Maureen Souply
TVET and CBET Specialist | Souply Consulting
Desmond Campbell
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology/Director of Projects | Moneague College, Jamaica

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