Internationalization is a Journey: Sharing Insights on Becoming more Comprehensive, Inclusive and Sustainable through the Use of Targeted Funds for Internationalization (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Macleod Hall AView map

This presentation will explore the impact of two recent initiatives to use targeted funds for international projects across NorQuest College. The first such initiative was the use of the College’s Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) to fund projects with an international focus. For example, SIF funds were used to complete a feasibility study conducted by an external consultant to explore affordable housing options for international students. Another project focused on research to better understand issues of loneliness and a lack of belonging for students as well as to identify practices and services at PSIs in Canada which create a sense of community. The success of these projects provided a rationale for the creation of an Internationalization Fund. This fund allows employees of the College to apply to NorQuest International for financial support to implement projects related to internationalization. This is a powerful tool to advance internationalization across the College and serves as a mechanism to include a wider group of stakeholders in the achievement of the NorQuest International Strategy. Join us as we explore how these projects lent themselves to a new phase of internationalization, allowing NorQuest College to become more sustainable in its approach and more comprehensive and inclusive in its reach.

Stream: Leading Sustainability

This stream will examine how colleges and institutes can expand their leadership role in contributing to the SDGs and ensuring sustainability across multiple sectors. Sessions will be guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to include areas like curriculum development, solutions-oriented approaches to applied research, and designing smart green campuses. Sessions will also look at strategies that colleges and institutes are implementing to deliver a just and green transition to a net zero future.


Nancy Thornton
Director, International Markets | NorQuest College
Amanda Thorson
International Operations Consultant | NorQuest College

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