Global integrative model for college internationalization: entrepreneurship and local products at the heart of the partnership project (F/SI)

April 30, 2024 14:00 - 15:00 Macleod Hall BView map

Cégep de Shawinigan will share a vision of internationalization that spans all sectors of the institution and the college community. During a meeting with a former partner in Mexico, the Cégep encountered certain difficulties relating to language, among other things, in coordinating programs that could enable student mobility in the context of course credits. Using a creative approach, the institutions initiated a cross-disciplinary partnership project involving the Cégep’s sugar bush project and a pitaya project in Mexico. This project is a model of how the various members of the college community can become involved in student commitment and success. It also involves the COIL dimension to prepare for the exchange. In addition to the teachers supporting the project, various student advisors and students are involved in different aspects of the project, as are the international teams at their respective institutions.

Our discussion invites you to think about the international aspect of colleges in an innovative way and in connection with numerous Sustainable Development Goals, including the exchange of best practices between college members, which reinforces quality education, in a context of sustainable and innovative partnership. The influence of this project also allows us to promote our respective local products, with a view to intercultural educational learning for the global citizens we train in our schools. Furthermore, this collaborative project is in line with the goal of responsible consumption, production and processing.

Stream: Cultivating Global Collaborations

Geared towards international education experts and practitioners, this stream will explore how international partnerships, fostering student mobility, pioneering innovations in international assistance, and fostering applied research collaborations are shaping a workforce that is not just ready for the future but is designed to thrive in it.


Catherine Douville
Recruitment and International Development Manager | Cégep de Shawinigan
Nathalie Houle
Director of Student Affairs and Communications | Cégep de Shawinigan

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