Addressing Study Abroad Systemic Inequities Through Building Consortia (E/SI)

May 1, 2024 10:15 - 11:15 Macleod Hall BView map

This session will focus on the Western Colleges Mobility Network (WCMN) which will be a new network founded by nine CICan member colleges and institutes. The aim is to increase overall student mobility and diversity via field schools, short-term mobility, semester exchanges and hybrid opportunities while lowering systemic barriers for students that traditionally do not consider studying abroad. WCMN members are leveraging government investment in the BC Transfer Guide and their own investments in study abroad infrastructure, partnerships, and scholarships to achieve the goal. Measurable outcomes of the project will be increased seat utilization in available exchanges and study abroad projects, thereby lowering overall costs to students while still maximizing culturally responsive student support. The success of this new network may provide a model for others endeavoring to advance study abroad opportunities where limited resources, expertise and opportunity exists. Inter-institutional consortia can significantly enhance access to resources and support for students wanting studying abroad. By pooling resources, institutions can offer a broader range of academic programs and specialized courses that may not be available at a single institution. Additionally, institutions and their students can tap into shared financial and human resources leading to inter-institutional professional development and greater diversity of, and access to, study abroad initiatives.

Stream: Cultivating Global Collaborations

Geared towards international education experts and practitioners, this stream will explore how international partnerships, fostering student mobility, pioneering innovations in international assistance, and fostering applied research collaborations are shaping a workforce that is not just ready for the future but is designed to thrive in it.


Colin Doerr
Global Matters Consulting, Principal | Douglas College
Kerry Brinkert
Manager, International Projects and Partnerships | College of the Rockies
Romana Pasca
Manager, International Projects, Partnerships, and Global Engagement | North Island College
Kingsley Nwanekezie
International Recruitment and Business Development Coordinator | Northern Lights College
Leonel  Roldan-Flores
Associate Vice-President, International Education | Douglas College

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