There is no sustainability without equity: a community approach to climate action

April 28, 2024 11:45 - 12:45 Macleod 4&3View map

In June 2023 Humber College launched a new division, Inclusion and Belonging, which brought together Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), Indigenous Education & Engagement (IE&E) and Sustainability Teams. Our vision is a future where these 3 areas are not separate paths but converge to guide our actions and decisions.

We recognize that sustainability is not only about environmental stewardship but also about sustaining cultures, languages, and ways of knowing that Indigenous communities bring to our collective learning. As well, addressing inequities and maintaining the health of our planet are interdependent challenges and moving the Office of Sustainability into Inclusion and Belonging brings an intersectional lens to our work. Human and environmental systems are intertwined, co-evolving, and complex, thus embracing the concept of Mino Nawendiwin (good relationships) and how we are all connected to the land, animals, water, sky, plants and peoples within this web of relationships.

In the last several years the 3 areas have grown and built a strong supportive partnership that has deepened the institution’s understanding of the inextricable interconnections of Indigenous Ways of Being Knowing and Doing, and EDI with sustainability and climate action.

This panel will bring together staff from all 3 teams to discuss the path we’ve been on and share specific community engagement initiatives related to campus life, teaching and learning, study abroad and campus operations.

Presented by: Humber College


Danielle Paige Jeancart
Indigenous Curriculum & Pedagogy Specialist | Humber College
Lindsay Walker
Director, Sustainability | Humber College
Kimberly Daniels
Manager, Student Inclusion & Belonging | Humber College
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