Moving Towards a Low-Carbon Economy: A Pan-Canadian Approach to Workforce Development Through Shared Curriculum

April 28, 2024 15:30 - 16:30 Macleod AView map

Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) become a guiding light on how to quickly mobilize institutions from coast to coast to coast to meet the needs of the green economy through the development and delivery of short-cycle training. With C2R2 as a backbone, a network of 14 institutions with advisement from sector partners benefitted nearly 17,820 Canadians through two projects within one year.

The coalition drew upon the strengths of each of its institutions to reaffirm the role of colleges in supporting the transition to net zero, particularly due to their unique position to develop national curricula relevant to Canadian industry.

Through Quick Train Canada, C2R2 opened a door to curriculum licensing across its institutions, bringing training to Canadians within their province/territory and ensuring green skills are nationally spread. Electric Vehicle Technology and Service by BCIT is an in-person microcredential offered in British Columbia. C2R2 funded the licensing of the microcredential to SAIT, Holland College, and Mohawk College, bypassing time and resources in the development of existing offerings to varying provincial jurisdictions.

Through the Resilient Housing Project, housing construction courses were co-developed with the leadership and advisement of Indigenous communities. C2R2 partners shared a community of practice outlining findings and insights furthering their understanding of how they can become better partners to rural communities.


Cebert Adamson
Vice President, Academic | Mohawk College
Christine Watson
Vice-President, Academic | RRC Polytech
Kory Wilson
Executive Director of Indigenous Initiatives & Partnerships | BCIT
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