Morning off-site visit & tour (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

April 29, 2024 08:00 - 12:15 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Attendees are invited to attend a maximum of two of the below activities.


1. Green Building TAC

  • Calgary’s first Net Zero Commercial Building
  • Over 16,800 ft² of research infrastructure
  • Green roof with research plots
  • Two rain gardens
  • 38,000L concrete cistern for research in rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water bio-filtration lab capable of treating 1,000L of grey water per day
  • Cold climate mechanical bays to enable side by side comparative testing of all HVAC equipment
  • Solar carport and electric vehicle charging bays
  • 14.8 KW Solar Thermal Energy Capacity
  • 36.9 KW Total Solar PV Energy Capacity – Net Zero Energy

Applied research components include:

  • 10 ton overhead bridge crane allows for construction of assemblies and modular homes
  • Structural testing jigs for new building product performance measurement
  • Structural load testing apparatus for ATSM wall certification
  • 2 in-situ rain screen / through-wall testing bays that allow for wall mock-ups to be evaluated for accelerated life cycle testing (hail, rain and snow)
  • Weathering Test Chamber for material testing
  • Electrical, plumbing and carpentry workshop
  • Smart building monitoring and performance measurement
  • Solar PV and solar thermal testing lab
  • Solar Roller off-grid demonstration trailer

2. Integrated Water Lab and Sustainability Lab

  • Ten functional, scaled-down models of some of the most important water and wastewater treatment processes, including aerobic digestion, clarification and softening.
  • Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. VR Lab contains a number of high-powered computers along with virtual and augmented reality headsets. Students practice sampling skills using a Virtual Reality program, create flood-risk models for parts of Calgary, and learn to design informative and engaging data visualizations to showcase water information in the 21st century.
  • Encana Centre for Environmental Technology. Eight comprehensive chemical laboratories ranging from general bench top preparation laboratories to chemical instrumentation.

3. Composites and Sustainable Building Materials Research Lab

  • Advanced Material Characterization (AMC) focuses on the characterization and property analysis of different materials. We can assess the physical, chemical, elemental, and molecular characteristics of a material to help a variety of industries in the material verification process.
  • Composites & Sustainable Materials (CSM) focuses on the fabrication of composite materials and the research, development and synthesis of sustainable alternatives. Some capabilities are resin casting, designing, postprocessing materials,  fabricates custom molds and creates samples for the other labs.
  • Intelligent Design & Additive Manufacturing (IDAM) is the 3D printing laboratory, capable of printing FDM, SLA, high performance materials, medical-grade materials, composite materials. Additionally, this lab has the expertise to conduct simulations, laser scan, and optimize design using generative and topology optimization design software.
  • Robotics & Automation (R&A) lab focuses on the development of robotic solutions and programming. We currently have a robotic cell with 3 robots and a positioner table. Attached to the robots are a Directed Energy Deposition system, high speed camera and a milling spindle. We are planning to expand this in the coming months.
  • Advanced Manufacturing (AM) – Basically a machine shop with extensive capabilities – we have lathes and mills and we also have a 5th axis milling machine. We also have welding, heat treating, alloy synthesis capabilities and will be receiving lots of equipment in the future once the SeaCan is gone.


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