Campfire Discussion

Indigenous Approaches to Stewardship

April 27, 2024 15:45 - 16:45 Macleod AView map

In our campfire presentation from Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), staff members will provide a collaborative and diverse approach that highlights two distinct yet complementary programs: Land Protectors and Sustainable Renovation and Retrofit Homes (SRRH) program. Though these initiatives, we aim to equip SIIT staff, students, and community members with the knowledge and skills necessary to create tangible change and chart a path to net zero.

Land protectors is a transformative two-day hands-on experiential learning micro credential opportunity designed to reaffirm participant’s connection with the land. The four primary learning areas – the need for land protection, the inherent relationship with land, the connection between Indigenous languages and land, and personal advocacy statements – empower participants to lead in their relationship with land both personally and professionally. The SRRH program offers holistic approach to education in three key areas, aligning with the objectives of the forum. The key areas include fundamental skills for entry-level positions, housing maintenance and renovation, and retrofitting green buildings. The program not only focuses on eco-friendly practices but instills principles of environmental materials, energy efficiency, and sustainable construction.

Together, we can chart a path to net zero that respects Indigenous knowledge, promotes sustainable practices, and empowers institutions in the green transition.

Presented by: Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies


Desiree Benson
Associate Vice President, Academics | Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Marlee Prouxl
Program Coordinator, Health Initatives | Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Justin Lasnier
Associate Dean, T&I | Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Quintin Miller
Regional Program Coordinator, T&I | Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
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